What our patients say

What our patients say


"The whole experience was amazing..."

"We recently had an early ultrasound gender scan with BabyConnections. The whole experience was amazing from the day I booked, through to the scan, we were so well looked after. The staff were incredibly friendly and welcoming and the facilities very clean and tidy. The scan itself lasted about 45 mins, and we had the time to enjoy seeing our little boy instead of being rushed back out the door. My husband and I were so delighted with the experience and would definitely recommend to anyone to visit BabyConnections for their pregnancy scans."            

Mr & Mrs Dor'e


"The hospital environment was more like a luxury hotel..."

"Seeing our baby with all her tiny features, for the very first time, is a moment in time that we will cherish forever.  From her tiny toes, to her little fingers, it was unbelievable to see every aspect of her, and so clearly. We weren't sure what to expect from the scan but hoped to see our little baby wriggle and move and she certainly did! It was incredible to see her yawn, wave, every little movement was evident. There were lots of very happy tears!

This wouldn't have been possible if it wasn't for the amazing technology at BabyConnections - we were in awe of the clarity of the video and images and wouldn't have missed the experience for the world.  Having the video and still images of the scan to hold dear forever is something truly beautiful.  Showing our family and friends was so emotional, it will certainly be something to add to her memory box, not only a photograph but a video! Puts a whole new spin on "this was you when you were in mummy's tummy!

The sonographer was wonderful. She was professional, vastly knowledgeable and made the experience fully interactive by explaining each and every detail of the scan.  The hospital environment was more like a luxury hotel than a hospital, and for us, this also added to the uniqueness of this special experience.

The experience is one you cannot really put a price on, however, the pricing structure for the packages, we felt, were great value for money and for us, we could not put a price on such a precious moment. I would not hesitate to recommend the facilities and 4D scan packages offered by BabyConnections and we would like to personally thank the staff for making such a beautiful experience even more perfect!" 

Paula and Hayden Willis


"...the scan was something else!"

"My hubby wanted to have a 4D scan and have to say I was a bit sceptical but agreed to go along with the idea.  I was 30 weeks and I had my dating and anomaly scans at the Royal Gwent Hospital and everything was OK so didn't see the point in having another scan, but oh boy was I wrong.  From the moment we got to BabyConnections at St Joseph's we had an amazing experience.


The staff were friendly, polite and extremely welcoming.  The reception and scanning area was really nicely furnished and a very calm environment but the scan was something else!  I wasn't sure what to expect as had heard others say that a 4D scan was a waste of money, but we were over the moon with the images we got.  We could see the baby's facial features crystal clear and they even had a 'live cam' feed so we could see the baby sneezing, turning its head and covering its face with its hands - camera shy like his Dad!" 

Mr and Mrs Palmer



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