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Fetal anomaly scan (20-24 weeks gestation)


The fetal anomaly scan (sometimes called an anatomy scan) is offered as part of your NHS ultrasound evaluation at 20 weeks.  BabyConnections is not looking to replace NHS scans, rather to complement them.  This scan is particularly useful if you would like a second opinion or would like further reassurance.



During the fetal anomaly scan a highly trained Sonographer will check your baby for major structural abnormalities and evaluate the baby’s development and growth.  It is a detailed examination of the internal organs including the heart, stomach, kidneys, bowel and brain as well as the spine and limbs.  We will check the amount of fluid around the baby and also the appearance of the placenta.  The anomaly scan gives us another opportunity to tell you the gender of your baby (if you would like to know) - although ultrasound is extremely accurate, we can never be 100% certain.

During the course of the scan, if factors are affecting the Sonographer’s ability to obtain optimal images, we will advise you to take a short, gentle walk to try and move baby. Sometimes having water, tea or a surgery drink can help.

Anomaly scan


  • 30 minute scan appointment
  • detailed Sonographer formal report
  • 4 thermal black and white paper Images
  • 1 glossy photo
  • we will assess the sex of your baby for free should you require this.
  • a complimentary peek at your developing baby in 3D (scan result and baby position permitting).  A 2D or 3D glossy photo to take away with you if the baby is in a suitable position.  This showcases our fantastic ultrasound software and the potential benefits of our 4D bonding scan.


Cost:  £180

We kindly ask you to pay a 30% deposit on booking your appointment over the phone.  This will be deducted from your overall balance to be paid on arrival to St Joseph’s Hospital reception.

Additional Information


Anomaly scans are unable to exclude chromosomal variants, such as Downs, Edwards, cystic fibrosis. The scan is also unable to fully exclude minor structural problems e.g. small cleft lip, ventricular septal defects (VSDs), skin lesions, eye and ear defects. Also problems that can occur later in pregnancy such as development of hydrocephalus, hydronephrosis, and positional talipes cannot be fully excluded.


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