Our gifts

Our gifts


BabyConnections has a range of gifts to commemorate your scan.  These gifts are a fantastic way to remember and preserve the moment, as well as share your joy with friends and family.

Looking for that perfect gift for family and friends? Why not treat them to a gift certificate from BabyConnections.


To purchase gifts, simply ask a member of the team during your visit, call us on 01633 820301 or email babyconnections@stjosephshospital.co.uk


Key ring with baby’s photo £3
Teddy bear with baby’s heartbeat recording £20
Additional black and white paper prints 5 for £3
Additional glossy photographs (6”x4”) £5 each or 3 for £12
Photo frame including photo (6”x4”) £12
Multiple photoframe including photos (5 photo's, 6”x4”) £40
USB drive with JPEG photos £10
USB drive with JPEG and 4D video £15
Boy or girl gender reveal scratch cards £1
Additional scan package discount £5 discount
Family and friends referral (future bookings) £5 discount


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Early viability scan(6-12 weeks)*
Early pregnancy support package Silver(6-12 weeks)
Early pregnancy support package Gold(6-12 weeks)
Early pregnancy support package Platinum(6-12 weeks)
Nuchal Translucency (NT) Scan(10-13 weeks)
Dating scan(12 weeks+)
Gender Gold(16 weeks+)
Gender Platinum(16 weeks+)
Fetal anomaly scan(20-24 weeks)
Growth of baby package Silver(12 weeks+)
Growth of baby package Gold(12 weeks+)
Growth of baby package Platinum(12 weeks+)
4D bonding experience Gold(26-32 weeks)
4D bonding experience Platinum(26-32 weeks)
Baby wellbeing and presentation scan(36-42 weeks)
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