Our equipment

Our equipment

Luminance scanner 

BabyConnections really has selected a premium ultrasound system (the Toshiba Aplio 500) with great care and attention to detail. This scanner is the market leading ultrasound imaging system which delivers outstanding performance and diagnostic accuracy.  What does this mean to you and your baby?  Well, rest assured your baby’s images will be as clear as possible.  Our skilled staff will take the time to image and video your baby in superb clarity, and with the Toshiba’s latest Luminance technology, your baby images will be truly remarkable


What is Luminance technology?


Luminance is an innovative new surface rendering technique that provides a softer, more natural visualization of the human skin resulting in images of almost photographic impression and quality.  The function's freely movable light source gives you strong visual feedback on depth and detail.  Changing the position of the light can help you identify pathological changes and skin defects better and with greater clarity.

3D and 4D scanning

Put simply 3D scans show still pictures of your baby in three dimensions and 4D scans show moving 3D images of your baby, with time being the fourth dimension. With 3D and 4D scans, you see your baby's skin rather than his or her insides. You may see the shape of your baby's mouth and nose, or be able to spot the baby yawning or sticking his or her tongue out.


Watch in wonder as your little one smiles, sleeps or sucks a thumb. Using the latest in 3D/4D imaging, BabyConnections allows you to view your baby during a relaxed, personalised, and unique 4D ultrasound session.


All of the events that take place in the scan will be recorded and can be saved onto a DVD or USB flash drive and keepsake pictures can also be printed as a beautiful and lasting memento for you and your family to treasure forever.


Your baby scan at babyconnections
BabyConnections 5 star waiting rooms

Scanning environment


BabyConnections is located at St Joseph’s Hospital which has undergone an extensive modernisation and is more akin to a boutique 5 Star hotel than a hospital or scanning centre. The luxurious furnishings, premium ultrasound system and the Ultra High Definition 4K television to project your beautiful baby images onto will make this a memorable occasion for you and your loved ones.


BabyConnections is committed to giving you a personalised, 5 Star experience and if for any reason we are unable to obtain exceptional images of your baby we will repeat your scan at a later time. If you baby is not in an optimal position we will simply extend your appointment without incurring an additional fee. You may choose to go for a walk, or have a hot drink in our fantastic restaurant, and we will scan you on your return.

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Early viability scan(6-12 weeks)*
Early pregnancy support package Silver(6-12 weeks)
Early pregnancy support package Gold(6-12 weeks)
Early pregnancy support package Platinum(6-12 weeks)
Nuchal Translucency (NT) Scan(10-13 weeks)
Dating scan(12 weeks+)
Gender Gold(16 weeks+)
Gender Platinum(16 weeks+)
Fetal anomaly scan(20-24 weeks)
Growth of baby package Silver(12 weeks+)
Growth of baby package Gold(12 weeks+)
Growth of baby package Platinum(12 weeks+)
4D bonding experience Gold(26-32 weeks)
4D bonding experience Platinum(26-32 weeks)
Baby wellbeing and presentation scan(36-42 weeks)
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